“Some of the mothers talked about the impact it has had on their family and how they could not live without the connections and care they received.”

– Refresh initiative leader



Where we serve at a grassroots, local level, effecting change that can sometimes build to have a national impact. The structure is more organic with self-organisation, because at this level it’s about encouraging people to contribute towards their local community.


Saturday Projects are volunteer led and community inspired. They provide an effective way to come together with a group of mates or other passionate individuals to make a difference in their local community, through one-off projects.

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The Great Cookie Giveaway is a huge bake off that sets about creating a revolution of gratitude for our Teachers, Community workers and Health Providers. It’s a simple way to say ‘Thanks’ for the awesome job they do, to make our community a better place.

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The Prezzy Tree, along with Christmas Box, provide a response at Christmas for those who need it most. This initiative sees hundreds of children receive a Christmas present, and bring joy, to a child who at Christmas may only have this one gift to open.

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Lil’ Groovers is a fun, interactive music programme for pre-schoolers. Located at the LIFE North campus this initiative provides a friendly and engaging environment for families in the community.

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Kiwi Contax is a support service for refugees and immigrants new to New Zealand. Through relationships primarily with refugee centres our volunteers are able to connect with and provide support as needed.

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Refresh is a support network for single parent families providing information, friendship and fun family events. It is a fast-growing family of women and children who come together monthly for connection and special events – like Pamper Day or Big Boat Day Out.

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Streetreach is our ‘street’ focus initiative that meets the growing needs of those who find home or work on the streets of Auckland. Whether homeless, rough sleepers or street workers, we aim to build relationship and meet immediate needs for those we encounter in our weekly engagement.

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